Ordering anything online has its risks. But when you do your due diligence, like researching the vendor, you can limit such risks.

That rule also applies to buying meat online.

“With the right vendor, ordering your meat online is safe, convenient, and often cheaper than in supermarkets.”

So, to answer the question. Yes, ordering meat online is worth it. Below are the specific reasons why it is!

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5 Reasons You Should Order Meat Online

There are more reasons to order meat online but here are 5 of the most heard ones.

Unbeatable Convenience

Like any online deal, meat purchase is very convenient. You could sit on your couch, order your prime beef, and get it within minutes.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait in long queues at your favorite supermarket. That’s if you will even find your desired cut at the first stop.

Plus, you still have to drive to and from the store. What if there is traffic?

Purchasing your meat online will help you avoid such inconveniences. You only need to state your interest and place an order.

And say your vendor doesn’t have your preferred meat. You only need to surf the net for the next best alternative.

It is that convenient!

Endless Options

You know how it feels when you are limited by the meat on the butcher slabs or at the supermarket stands. Disgusted and powerless, right?

Regardless of your plan, you must adjust to what’s available!

Well, ordering your meat online can help you eliminate that helpless feeling. If you want a tenderloin, that’s what you’ll get online.

Even better, you can get the best cut regardless of the time you order. And say you prefer meat species from other countries, you can get them online too.

In short, there is no limit to the meat available online. Only your diet plan and budget will cap your desires.

Fresher and Tastier Meat

We often hear buyers complain that online meat loses its taste because it has been on the vendor’s shelf for a long time.

However, that is not true. Do you know that most vendors don’t even handle meat cutting or storage?

Online meat vendors are often middlemen. They have access to producers with enormous supplies of fresh meat. So, rest assured that you will get the highest quality meat.

Besides, online meat vendors take extra measures to monitor their producers’ stock. Also, some vendors offer add-on services such as flash-freezing. They place tiny ice crystals on the meat to preserve its freshness and taste.

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Affordable Deals

Many buyers argue that the overall cost of purchasing meat online is expensive. However, that is not true.

Even with shipping costs, ordering meat online is relatively cheaper than in the supermarket. Let’s explain!

If you had gone to a supermarket, you would spend gas and time. Plus, you might not even get what you want in the end.

On the other hand, buying your meat online will save you time, stress, and gas money. When you measure all that together, you’ll find that online is cheaper.

You can even order at work and have it delivered to your house. No stopping at the butcher after work!


Online meat vendors often offer 24/7 support. You can always call or chat to ask questions about your purchases.

Most importantly, communication is always direct. Whether through an app or website, one-on-one rapport with the vendor’s key figures is possible.

Such two-way communication and 24/7 support are unlikely in supermarkets or with your local butcher.

Ordering Meat Online? – My Opinion And Experience

The only issue with ordering meat online is vetting the vendor. But in the end, the process will be worth it.

Once you find the right vendor, you will continually and conveniently enjoy high-grade meat at relatively affordable prices.

Before making your final choice make sure to read some meat delivery service reviews and if you use some of the ones that have been around for a while you have to realize that they have an online reputation to maintain.

Personally, I have used several of them and ordered meat to cook on my pellet smoker. I might start writing about online meat delivery services later.

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