Side Dishes and BBQ Sauce

BBQ party with side dishes and BBQ sauce

I have spent a lot of time writing about how to use your pellet grill and how to use it to cook some amazing meat.

So, after reading all these pellet grill reviews here on Pellet Country and ordering yours it is time to get started on planning your cookout. There are more things you need than meat to have a backyard BBQ.

two more things we need for a BBQ party

Now it is time to write about the other things we need to make our grill session a success. After all, you can’t just serve meats.

Side Dishes

Tired of all the cliché side serves for your Barbecue dinner? It does get exhausting to have the same old dishes. It’s not a rule for the side dishes not to stand out. In this segment, we brought you some of the best side dishes for your brisket dinner.

Let’s find some delicious side serves for your next BBQ to give a wholesome meal experience.

side dishes for bbq

Green Beans

A tasteless, watery dish of green beans might scare you away from the vegetable. You’re not the only one.

These delicious green beans are made by steaming them and sautéing them in delicious garlic butter.

As long as they’re steaming, you’re free to do whatever you like, but keep an eye on them in the sauté pan. You need to get the beans crispy enough while not burning up the garlic, and believe me; they ruin all the flavor.

Potato Salad

A potato salad does have a fantastic mouthfeel to go along with great BBQ flavor. It is made with potato, egg, mustard, and pickles.

I like how the pickles and mustard add a little more zing without being too overbearing. It’s still a tasty side dish to any good Barbecue entrée.

To avoid overdoing it, start with a tiny amount of mayonnaise. Add it in small amounts until you reach the desired consistency.

Baked Beans

The majority of baked bean sides require good two hours to prepare. But what happens if the BBQ is last-minute and they don’t have time to wait for you?

In just 40 minutes, you can have these Barbeque baked beans on the table.

Although canned baked beans are used, you’ll still get a lot of good stuff there.

You’ll combine your beans with ground meat, brown sugar, Barbecue sauce, and some seasoning for a delicious smokey flavor.

Corn on a Cob

With a grill full of steak and barbecue, buns warming next to the pies, and pasta and potatoes simmering on the burner, the microwave comes in handy for cooking corn on the cob.

So why not? It only takes a few minutes to have exquisitely cooked corn that easily comes out of the husk.


A barbecue would be incomplete without coleslaw as a side serving.

Serving it either roasted chicken thighs or in a soft baguette beside thick hamburger patties, it goes well with just about anything.

The base of this famous recipe is made up of cabbage, carrot, and mayonnaise, which is then seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Bacon and Pea Salad

To make a wonderful side dish, all you need is a pack of peas, some cheddar, some mayonnaise, some cider vinegar, and some shallots.

You can make the salad dressing by combining the mayonnaise, yogurt, and vinegar with a pinch of sugar and seasoning the taste with salt to your liking.

To spice up your standard macaroni or potato salad, add this to the mix along with the peas, shallot, bacon, and celery.

All of these dishes are super easy to make and delicious. Let’s give them a chance to be served at your next BBQ dinner.

BBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce enhances the flavor of some foods while it detracts from others. A common rule is that steak and other red meats work well with barbecue sauce. With poultry and pork, it’s a good match. Fish and other seafood meals, for example, do not mix well with them.

bbq grill with bowl of sauce

Additionally, a wide variety of barbecue sauces are available. While some are quite hot, most are just tangy and subtle. Barbecue sauces come in a variety of flavors, and some of them may even be used in meals that don’t often call for barbecue sauce.

What is a BBQ sauce?

Barbecue sauce is typically based on a tomato sauce base but with added sugar, vinegar, and other spices. 

For meat cooked in a barbecue manner (including hog or beef ribs and poultry), barbecue sauce is used as a marinade, basting sauce, condiment, or topping. It’s a common condiment in South America, and it’s also used in a variety of other cuisines.

What are the main ingredients of BBQ Sauce?

Here are some of the main incidents of a delicious BBQ sauce that you can easily make at home

 Tomato Ketchup

Tomatoes are the foundation of all red barbecue sauces. Ketchup serves as an excellent starting point for this dish.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is a key ingredient in traditional barbecue sauce, lending it a distinct sweetness.

 White Vinegar

The sweetness of the brown sugar is countered by the acidity of the red wine vinegar.


It’s up to you how much water you’d want to add to achieve the desired consistency.

Seasonings & Spices

 To get the perfect taste, you can use Worcestershire sauce, salt, paprika, and black peppers.

Hot Sauce 

Add a few dashes of spicy chili sauce to spruce things up a notch.

How many BBQ sauces are there?

Although there are five types of BBQ sauces, here are two of the most common and my favorite ones

Tomato-Based BBQ Sauce

The tomato-based barbecue sauce is the most popular type of sauce on the market. In most cases, the tomato used in these sauces is in ketchup form. In addition to this base of ketchup, other ingredients are added. This, along with how the final sauce is thick or thin, makes them different.

Ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper are some of the ingredients in this sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. It’s also thick and almost syrupy, with a lot of other spices like onion and garlic powder, etc.

Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce:

People who eat barbecue in North Carolina usually use vinegar-based sauces. Vinegar sauces are a lot thinner than tomato sauces, and they tend to be a lot spicier than tomato sauces. Carolina barbecue sauces are perfect to complement pork because of their astringent flavor.

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