Affiliate disclaimer

My website contains in some cases affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase through my website I receive a small payment for that.

However, this will never raise the price you are paying for it.

I will also never affect my opinion about a product or service I write about. I will always write unbiased reviews and will give you my honest opinion.

How I do my reviews

First of all, I have a decent education in engineering, and through this and my many years of experience using all kinds of pellet grills, I am able to form a well-informed picture of any pellet grill.

I also read many opinions on consumer websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and many more about the pellet grill I am reviewing.

One of my resources is forums on several sites that talk about pellet grills. Here I get some straight answers to questions I have.

I will also not hesitate to contact a manufacturer through email or a phone call to have my questions answered.

If I can I will visit one of these stores to have a good look at the grill and even take some of my own pictures.

Robert Chill

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