Louisiana grills pellet smoker reviews

Louisiana grills pellet smoker reviews

One of the first things I was reading when I got started at my Louisiana grills pellet smoker reviews is that it was a brand that started selling pellet grills a long time ago. That was reason enough to add them to my wood pellet grill reviews.

I will have a look at all the models they have but will start by describing all the series they have and the models in them.

One thing I noticed is that most models come with their proprietary exhaust system which in nature is a downdraft system instead of a chimney.

Louisiana grills pellet smoker models

There are 9 different models but they come with a few options and sizes to choose from. Here is the complete list.

Louisiana grills Founders Premier Series

I found that there are two models in this series

Louisiana grills Founders Premier pellet grill
  • Louisiana grills founders premier 800
  • Louisiana grills founders premier 1200

There are some other differences between the two but the main difference is the cooking service. As you might have figured out the 800 comes with 846 square inches and the 1200 model has 1205 square inches.

This series also does not come with a chimney but with a similar downdraft system as the newer Traeger pellet grill is equipped with.

Louisiana grills founders premier series features

Here are the features both the 800 and 1200 models have in common.

  • 29-pound hopper
  • WiFi
  • 180 – 600 degrees
  • Open flame searing option
  • 4 wheels and 2 are locking
  • 2 meat probes
  • Front shelf that can be folded
  • Porcelain-coated grill grates

Louisiana grills Founders Legacy Series

It seems that the Louisiana grills legacy follows the same cooking surfaces in their 2 models here.

louisiana grills founders legacy series
  • Louisiana grills founders legacy 800
  • Louisiana grills founders legacy 1200

If you read the other models you will understand that the square inches are the same. 846 for the 800 models, and 1205 for the 1200 models

So, what is the difference I can hear you ask? Well, the founder legacy series comes with stainless steel grates, a lid, and a built-in smoke rack.

The other difference is the side table with grill tool hooks that the premier does not have.

Louisiana Grills Black Label Series

In this series, I also notice the relation between model number and cooking area square inches. So, need to explain that again. However, here at the models.

  • Louisiana grills black label 800
  • Louisiana grills black label 1000
  • Louisiana grills black label 1200
  • Louisiana grills black label vertical smoker
  • Louisiana grills black label 300 portable

Louisiana grill black label series features

What I see in most models now is what they call a proprietary exhaust system. Other names are downdraft.

What are the other features you ask? Well, here they are:

  • 18-pound hopper
  • 14 gauge steel
  • WiFi
  • Black powder coated
  • 4 wheels that can be locked
  • bottom shelf
  • 2 meat probes

The vertical smokers and the portable pellet grill I will review on their own page later

Louisiana Grills SL series

I know I am repeating myself by telling you that the model is related to the grill surface but here are the models so you can compare them.

  • Louisiana grills SL 700
  • Louisiana grills SL 1000
  • Louisiana grill SL300 portable

Louisiana Grills Sl Series features

There is not that much difference in my opinion with some of the other series. Maybe because their SL series is only sold at Costco they gave it a new name?

  • No WiFi
  • 2 meat probes
  • 18 Lbs hopper
  • Bottom shelf
  • Open flame sear
  • Black sand powder coated
  • 4 wheel that can be locked

Louisiana Grills Elite series

The models in this Elite series are 2 completely different ones. There is the 800 elite which looks like a regular pellet grill and the 800 deluxe which looks like a gas grill but the hopper is attached to the top side.

louisiana grills elite 800
louisiana grill 800 deluxe

I am still trying to figure out the difference in grill surface between the two and what the other features are that they have but I found some already.

  • Dome thermometer
  • Grease bucket is hidden in the cabinet
  • 800 deluxe has 2 side shelves
  • 800 elite has 1 side shelf

Louisiana Grills Estate series

There are 2 models in this series. The 860 C is the main model and the 860BI is the second. The BI stands for built-in by looking at the pictures.

louisiana grills estate 860C
Louisiana grill estate 860BI

The estate series is a complete stainless steel pellet grill. It also comes with porcelain-coated grill grates and 2 meat probes.

As you can see the built-in version of course does not have side shelves. Both models have the new exhaust system as I have described above.

The Estate 860C has a 28 Lb hopper and I assume that the 860b1 has the same.

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet grills

I was planning on adding the vertical smokers from Louisiana Grills here but decided to add them to a special page and you can find my findings on the Louisiana Grills vertical pellet smoker page.

Lousiana Grills Kamado Grills

Louisiana grills also offer some nice Kamado-type grills. However, I will only talk about pellet grills here in Pellet Country so you have to look somewhere else for them.

Louisiana grills pellet grill reviews – my opinion

Although I still have a lot of digging deeper to do for this Louisiana Grills pellet smoker review I am pretty impressed with what I found out so far.

Do Louisiana Grills sell the best pellet grill smoker? I think you have to decide that. I can only give you the best information possible about their brand.

The main office of Louisiana Grill is in Alberta, Canada. This company and Traeger were one of the first to introduce pellet smokers to the world of BBQ smokers.

The president of the company is Jeff Thiessen and he is actually in charge of the Dansons company that also covers the Pit Boss and Country smokers brands.

Some of the pros I see are the programmable meat probes and the built-in flame broiler or open flame as they call it.

I still have to dig into the new exhaust system that I see coming back in more pellet grills. It seems to take care of hot and cold spots and is saving on pellet use.

More About Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills is part of the Dansons company and was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen. They manufacture several products such as gas, charcoal, pellet grills, and Kamado grills.

They also produce their own pellets to be used in their pellet smokers.

Most of their products are available worldwide and in many of the leading retail stores.

Robert Chill

Robert Chill loves to cook on pellet grills and uses all types of recipes and techniques to cook some awesome food. With his experience, he is able to share many reviews, tips, and ideas on how to buy a pellet grill. You can read more about him here

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