Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker

louisiana grills vertical pellet smoker

I have noticed that wood pellet grills have continued gaining popularity in the past years. The manufacturers, too, have realized the increased demand for wood pellet grills, and they continue supplying the market with unique pellet grills.

One of the grill brands with an upper echelon of grilling and doing a bit differently from others is the Louisiana Grills.

First, Louisiana Grills delivers the “set it and forget it” convenience in their series of vertical wood pellet grills. The wood pellet grill manufacturer infuses high-quality materials and components with every Louisiana Grills vertical pellet smoker grill they manufacture.

Their wood pellet grills feature heavy-duty steel cabinets with porcelain-coated cooking grates and double insulated body construction. The vertical wood pellet grills also feature massive hoppers, providing hours of cooking.

Let’s have a look at this video that tells you a lot more than I can write about.


The Louisiana grills vertical pellet smokers I have come across recently are the Louisiana grills 7—series wood pellet vertical smoker and the Black label Louisiana grills 4—series vertical smoker.

So, how do the two vertical wood pellet grills compare against each other?

To put things into perspective, we decided to review the two pellet grills analyzing their capability and to help you reach the purchase decision.

Louisiana Grills 7—Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker

Experience the authentic wood smoke flavor with the Louisiana Grills 7—series, the all-natural hardwood pellet grill. Here is an overview of the features you get.

Cooking Surface

The 7-series vertical smoker by Louisiana features 2059 square inches of cooking surface. The vertical smoker comes with stacked cooking levels, which translates into a large cooking surface, giving you plenty of room to cook. Buy the 5-in-1 smoker, and what that means is you can roast, smoke, barbeque, braise, and even bake, all using the vertical wood pellet grill.

You get six porcelain-coated, none-stick cooking grates inside the Louisiana 7—Series wood pellet vertical grill. Therefore, you have plenty of space where you can multi-task. The initial level is the water pan, which you fill with water to provide your meals with the proper humidity levels throughout. The porcelain-coated cooking grates offer ease of cleaning and ensure the grates last for years.

Hopper Capacity

The 7—Series wood pellet grill features a large hopper capacity, accommodating up to 27 kilos of pellets. That huge hopper capacity gives you up to 35 hours of cooking before refilling the wood pellets. Therefore, the Louisiana grills 7—Series wood pellet vertical smoker allows you to continue your other essential activities without worrying about replenishing the pellets. The hopper has a glass window through which you can check the pellet levels. Besides, it comes with a conveniently placed pellet washout.

Two Meat Probes and a Clear Front Window

With the Louisiana grills, you do not need to do any guesswork to know if the food is cooked or not. The wood pellet grill comes with two built-in meat probes letting you determine how far the food is from being ready for your family. The large front clear window lets you see your food while it’s cooking.

Construction and Usability

Louisiana Grills does an excellent job in vertical wood pellet grills construction. The Louisiana 7—Series wood pellet grill is a sizable unit featuring a sturdy construction. It is built using heavy-duty steel among the durable grills, giving you extended use. The grill also comes with four wheels, making it easy to move around.

On smoker usability, the grill features fan-forced convection cooking, so you can cook using wood pellets. The smoker features double insulation for evenly cooked meals and standard smoking. The grill also comes with an easy-to-use digital control board for that “set and forget” experience.

That’s it regarding the 7-series Louisiana vertical grills. The grill is appropriate for large families and also restaurants. It provides a large cooking surface, and it’s a 5-in-1 smoker.

Louisiana Grills Back Label 4 Series Pellet Smoker

Initially introduced in 2021, the Louisiana Grills 4—Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker is a smaller version of the brand’s vertical smokers. More famous for its versatility, the grill is also ideal for campers and RVing experiences as it’s more portable.

Here is our review of Louisiana Grills 4-Series wood pellet vertical smoker.

Cooking Surface

The 4—series wood pellet grill features only 1077 square inches of total cooking area. It comes with four adjustable cooking racks. The porcelain-coated cooking racks are non-sticky, making them relatively easy to clean. The cooking space is down from the previous 7 series model by a large area. 

Hopper Capacity

The Louisiana Black label 4 series vertical wood pellet smoker features a 65 pounds pellet hopper capacity guaranteeing you uninterrupted cooking time. The hopper also comes with a glass window allowing you to see the pellet level and even monitor its consumption. The hopper glass window enables you to monitor the hopper level without necessarily letting the heat escape, as would be the case if you were to open the hopper to check the hopper levels.

Meat Probes

The Louisiana grill-4 series blacks label also features two built-in meat probes. The meat probes let you monitor the internal cooking temperatures with ease. Therefore, you do not need to open the grill window, which would result in heat loss. With the two meat probes, you can quickly check whether food has attained the proper cooking temperatures.

Construction and Usability

The Louisiana Grills 4 — series wood pellet grill features double-walled insulated steel construction. The steel construction provides maximum heat retention and guarantees even cooking and smoke consistency. The grill also comes with LCDs with temperature control knobs, allowing you to keep the desired temperature.

Louisiana Grills -7 Series Vertical Smoker vs. Louisiana Grills -4 Series Vertical Smoker

Typically, the Louisiana Grills 7—Series and the Louisiana Grills 4—series feature various similarities in construction and ease of use. A notable difference is the cooking area.

The 7-series features 2059 square inches of cooking area, while the 4-Series grill features only 1077 square inches. Finally, the 7—series features six cooking grates, while the 4—series comes with only 4 cooking grates.

Louisiana Grills vertical pellet smoker – My opinion

I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the Lousiana Grills vertical smoker models and it is just a personal choice and depending on your situation and way of cooking to choose one over the other. The 7-series offers more space but if you don’t need all that space the 4-series with 1077 square inches will do fine.

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