Z Grills Pellet Grill And Smoker Reviews

z grills review

Are you thinking about buying a Z Grills pellet grill? My review of most models will help you decide how good they are and how they stand up against their competitors.

Updated: June, 2024

After reading all I have to say in my Z Grills reviews you will know if this brand is worth your money compared to the other pellet smoker reviews I did and if this brand should be the next pellet grill to buy.

Your might be just as surprised as I was!

Z Grills did not do much more than make pellet grills for other brands until 2017. With their experience and their vision of making a quality pellet grill at an affordable price, they started building pellet grills under their own brand name.

Z Grills Models

I think it is safe to say that we can divide the Z Grills models into a few series. However, this series gets more and more models added to them.

The number in the series basically points out the cooking space they come with. The exception is the basic series but since that was the first model they offered it makes sense.

Basic - Z Grills 450 and 550 series

z grills 450a

I found, including the new models, 7 pellet grills in the basic series, and depending on the number they come with either 450 or 560 square inches of cooking space.

The models are:

You could call these the starter models. In my reviews, I found that they are very affordable but perform very well.

Z Grils 600 series

z grills l6002b

Including the new models, they just releases in 2021 there are 6 models in this series. They come either with although it is called 600 it comes with a grill surface of 573 square inches.

The models are:

  • L6002b
  • L6002e
  • L6002d
  • L6002e

I started doing the 600 series reviews and you can read my Z Grills L600E review on its own page.

Z Grills 700 Series

z grills 700d4e

The Z grills 700 series has the most models to choose from. As the number already gives away these grills have a grill surface of around 700 square inches.

I have found 4 models with a closed cart, 1 with just legs, and 2 with a shelf. The models are:

  • 700D
  • 7002b
  • 7002C
  • 700D6
  • 700D4E
  • 7002C2E
  • 7000D3

Z Grills 1000 Series

z grills 10002b2e

This is the highest-priced series and I found 4 nice models here. The grill surface is a little over 1000 square inches as the number already explains after looking at the other series.

This also answers the question I found "what is the biggest Z grill?"

They come with a 3-level cooking grate system and I have found a two colors option, a closed cart, and 4 wheels option to choose from.

The models in the Z grills1000 series are:

  • 1000D3E
  • 10002B2E
  • 10502B

Z Grills Wi-Fi series

z grills 11002b wifi

Although this one is listed under the 1000 series I have a feeling that this will become a new series since they have added WIFI to this pellet grill

Models in the Z Grills WIFI series are:

  • 11002B Multitasker
  • 7052B Multitasker

They call this one the multitasker and I can see why. It comes with wifi, temp settings from 160 - 500, a super smoke setting, and a Bamboo cutting boar to mention a few,

Z Grills Blind Box

When you order a Z Grills pellet grill from the "blind box" you won't know with model you will get.

One thing you will get is a discount that can go up to 53%.

All you pay is $399 and the will sent you one of their pellet grills that have a value of between $479 and $699.

The models that are in the Z Grills mystery box are: 10003DE, 6002B2, 6003B3, 550C or L6002E.

If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to grill your favorite foods, then a z grills pellet grill is perfect for you! This grill uses pellets to heat up quickly and cook your food evenly, so you can enjoy delicious meals without all the hassle. Plus, it's ideal for cooking meats, vegetables, and more. So don't wait any longer - read my z grills pellet grill review today!

Z Grills Reviews - My Opinion

If you start comparing companies that manufacture pellet grills you run into the same problems as comparing car companies. It is impossible to do. But I can draw some conclusions after doing so many pellet grill reviews.

Z Grills just wanted to build pellet grills that work great and were affordable. By not adding some of the bells and whistles other brands have they have succeeded in doing so.

You will not find large screens that you can program and you can even call the features a little bare without the WiFi that most brands have added.

Personally, I couldn't care less. If I had to choose between a pellet grill that is affordable and one that is high priced with all bells and whistles and they both perform the same? I would go for the cheaper one and spend the money I saved on some great meat.

Overall I think you can't go wrong with the Z Grills. If I look at the price compared to what you get I can only recommend them as a good bang for your buck. However, if you like all kinds of bells and whistles you better look for some other brand.

My only problem is that I think it is hard to find the difference between the different models, the features they offer, and the price tiers they are in.

Here is a video that explains why that is and how you can compare them easier.

It helped me to understand a little more about the models and features of the different Z-Grills and made writing my Z-Grill reviews a little easier.

See the pellet grills and smokers on the Z Grills Website.

Robert Chill.

Robert Chill loves to cook on pellet grills and uses all types of recipes and techniques to cook some awesome food. With his experience, he is able to share many reviews, tips, and ideas on how to buy a pellet grill. You can read more about him here

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