Camp Chef Pursuit 20 Portable pellet grill smoker review

camp chef pursuit review

Ever since my first review of Camp Chef products, I have become a massive fan. So, when I first got my hands on the Camp Chef Pursuit 20, I was delighted to see how well it would perform. In this quick review, I’ll see what Camp Chef Pursuit review has to offer, including all its features, pros, and cons.

Camp Chef Pursuit quick facts

The Pursuit 20 was built with one thing in mind- portability. First impressions show the grill looking incredibly compact with a black and silver finish at the top. The main feature is the foldable legs and the easy way to transport them.

The full-featured grill has dual meat probes, PID control, multiple smoke settings, and plenty of features. Although the Pursuit 20 has a wider cooking area and pellet hopper, it is a little cheaper than alternatives in the same range.

  • Direct and indirect heat
  • Ash cleanout
  • Dual meat probes
  • No pellet dumpout shute
  • Legs seems to be not that sturdy

We all know the benefits of using a pellet grill. The Camp Chef Pursuit review shows that with all the features it comes with this is a perfect pellet grill for smaller families that do not like to deal with the mess that a charcoal grill comes with.


Here you can find some of, what I think, are the most important features of the Camp Chef Pursuit.

Construction & Assembly

The Camp Chef grill has a nice stainless steel finish at the top lid with a compact design. It makes it easy to use this grill for camping or anywhere with electricity. However, it is still not entirely stable, and you might want to put it away from high traffic. While it is not easy to assemble the grill in minutes for the first time, everything should be together in about two hours if you read the manuals.

Adjustable Legs

Since this is a portable pellet grill the adjustable legs are almost a must. Many times a campground or park is not as level as our deck or patio.

camp chef pursuit adjustable legs

Ease Of Operation

I found the Pursuit 20 easy to operate with fewer buttons and manuals to read. Basically, once I could feed the grill crate, all I needed to do was turn the dial to “Set Temp” and choose the temperature for the smoke. Even if you’re not familiar with smart grills, this one is an easy job, and you won’t have a hard time getting to understand how it works.

camp chef pursuit temperature controller

Direct and Indirect Cooking.

What many people call the open flame feature offers what I see lately in many newer pellet grill models. This feature makes it possible to sear the meat over an open flame at a high temperature. This is done by just moving the plate above the firepot and sliding it back later after you are done with the grilling part.

camp chef pursuit direct flame grilling

Grilling Performance

The Pursuit 20 does a great job, particularly when smoking meat. It has enough room to flare up the smoke and give your bbq a smoky flavor. Its lever-activated grilling feature is decent but has a few drawbacks when cooking more than one strip of meat or multiple burgers at a party.

That’s because the direct heating area does not include the whole grill crate, so you’ll need to monitor your BBQ for the best results.

Extra Features

The Camp Chef Pursuit has dual-LED temperature probes that indicate the temperature of the grill and meat. It is an ingenious addition that helps reduce the smoke loss caused when you open it to check the temperature of the meat.

It has an ash cleaner system to which you can add a grease bucket to make cleaning easy.

Camp Chef Pursuit Review – My Conclusion

Winding up one of my Camp Chef pellet grill reviews, the Pursuit 20 is an excellent entry-level smoker grill that is more portable than most models. While it lacks the luxury of WiFi, it still is operable and grills meat to a perfect cook. So if you’re looking for a portable pellet grill that also performed well at home on your patio, this is your choice. You can find the current price here!

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