About Robert Chill

If you like to know more about me, Robert Chill, the guy behind the Pellet Country website you can find it all here.

I live in Clarksville Tennessee and love to cook on my pellet grills. I found that many people try to find information about pellet grills and smokers but the information is scattered all over the place.

I decided to use the fact that I was looking for a new pellet grill in combination with my experience and make a website about it.

I have used them now for many years and decided to share my experience here on this website.

Throughout the years I have cooked on many brand pellet grills and have built up a lot of experience.

With my background in engineering and electronics, I am able to see what the used materials are and if the electronics are well designed for optimum performance.

Learn from my mistakes and use my expertise to find the best pellet grill for your type of cooking and situation.

Robert Chill

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